A Tree Becomes a Meaningful Work of Art

Lueb does on–site tree carvings only along the Front Range and Summit areas of Colorado.

Recently cut trees, or trees cut four years prior to carving, are the best candidates for sculptures. The maximum height for a tree trunk is 10.5 feet. Highlights of an on–site carving can be viewed by clicking on Creative Process.

[Not Defined] Imagination

[Not Defined] Hangin' Out

[Not Defined] Is this the way to Machu Picchu?

[Not Defined] Old Man Winter

[Not Defined] Florence Crittenton / Early Childhood Education Center

[Not Defined] Moby Koi 9 ft. Tall

[Not Defined] All in the Family

[Not Defined] Togetherness

[Not Defined] Black Bear 7ft. Tall

[Roxborough Eagle] Bald Eagle at Roxborough Park, CO

[Go-Flow] Go with the Flow

[Group] Group Photo

[Teacup] Japanese Dragon w/ Teacup

[TotemPole] Northwest Totem Pole

[Lueb/Wolfpack] Six Howling Wolves

[Greenman] Greenman

[Osprey Family] Feeding time for Ospreys

[Heron Dance] Heron Dance

[GoldEagleFamily] Golden Eagle with Eaglets

[Goose/Coyote] Missed Opportunity

[Bald Eagle] The Eagle is Landing

[Great Horned Owl] Great Horned Owl

[Garden Party] Garden Party for the Birds

[Giving Paw] The Giving Paw Inc.

[Serpent] Serpent

[Totem] Totem Pole, Indian Tree Golf Course

[Screechowls] Screech Owls

[Climbing Cubs] Playtime

[Garden Party] Two Reptiles and a Bug

[ueb/Fox/Raccoons] Lueb w/ Fox & Raccoon Family

[Lueb/Bear/Cub] Lueb w/ Mama Bear & Cub

[Hummingbirds] Broadtailed Hummingbirds

[Mama Bear w/ Cub] Mama Bear w/ Cub

[Mtn. Lion] Mountain Lion

[Grey Wolf] Grey Wolf

[Friends] Friends

[More Raccoons] More Raccoons

[Garden Party] Garden Party

[Lueb w/ Three Bears] Lueb and the Three Bears

[Eagle 2 Dolphins] Eagle and Two Dolphins

[Three's Company] Three's Company

[Koala Bear] Koala Bear

[Gnome on Pine St.] Gnome on Pine St., Boulder, Colorado

[Buffalo] Buffalo on Folsom, Boulder, Colorado

[Baker Bears] Baker’s Bear Family and Friend

[Three Dolphins] Three Dolphins on Marine St., Boulder, Colorado

[Tree Frogs] Tree Frogs

[Giraffes] Giraffes

[Dance] Dance of Life

[Flute] Bass Flute

[Rising Trout] Rising Trout

[4 Raccoons] Raccoon Family

[Gargoyle #2] Gargoyle

[Hawthorn Bears] Hawthorn St. Bears, Boulder, Colorado

[Kachina Sun God] Kachina Sun God