Birds of Prey

Birds of prey are carved full size with feathering detail, museum quality glass eyes, and are finished with acrylic stains.

[Osprey Family] Bald Eagle with Eaglets

[Osprey Family] Red-tailed Hawk Whisperer

[Osprey Family] Feeding time for Ospreys

[Gold Eagle Family] Golden Eagle with Eaglets

[Great Horned Owl] Great Horned Owl

[Bald Eagle] The Eagle is Landing

[Screech Owls] Screech Owls

[Chuckie's Hawk - Up Close] Example of Carving Detail 1

[Owlets] Great Horned Owl and Owlets

[Red-Tailed Hawk on Hunt] Red-Tailed Hawk on the Hunt

[Swanson Hawk] Swanson Hawk

[Landing Owl] Great Horned Owl

1 Charlie Ros5e's Beloved Red-Tailed Hawk. Dankeschön, Maria!