Custom pieces are always welcomed as interesting challenges. From penny machines to a jeweler’s hammer, each request becomes a possibility in motion.

[Darwin] Great Horned Owl “Darwin”

[PrairieFalcon] Prairie Falcon

[PrairieFalcon] Prairie Falcon Chicks

[Merlin] Merlin­ ­ ­ ­ 5.5 ft. (1.7 m) Tall

[Bear Cub] Black Bear: Friant, CA

[Moby Trout] Moby Trout: San Joaquin Fish Hatchery

[Pygmy Owl] Pygmy Owl

[Pygmy Owl] Party Time

[Pygmy Owl] Storytellers' Chair at Niwot Children's Park

[Campbell] Campbell (age 11) w/ Carving of “Piper”

[weasels] Love Weasels Wedding Cake Topper

[Lueb w/ Goose] Canada Goose

[Wild Turkeys] Wild Turkey with Poult

[Lueb-Sea Otters] Sea Otters, Penny Machine

[Lueb, Red Pandas] Red Pandas, Penny Machine

[Lueb-Graffes] Giraffes, Penny Machine

[2 Headed Owl] Double Master’s Degrees

[Trail Markers] Trail Markers, Estes Park, CO

[Heart Spoones] Heartspoons

[Lueb/Raven] Up Up and Away!

[Red Taied Hawk] Red-Tailed Hawk (Laminated Basswood)

[Serenas Elephant] Serena (age 11) w/ Elephant She Carved

[Lueb & Kolibris] Lueb w/ Hummingbirds

[Welcome/Farm] Welcome to the Farm

[Frog] Frog

[Rabbit w/ Tie] Chester w/ Chocolate Truffles

[Lueb & Totem] Lueb with Northwest String Summit Totem

[Trio] The Trio

[Indian Scout] Indian Scout

[West Bluebird] Western Bluebird

[Baby Crow] Baby Crow

[Male Cardinal] Male Cardinal

[Female] Female Cardinal

[Lark Buntings] Lark Buntings

[Robin] Robin

[Calif. Quail] California Quail

[Canada Geese] Canada Geese

[Killdeer] Killdeer

[Otter] Otter

[Rising Brook Trout] Rising Brook Trout

[Bullock Oriole] Bullock Oriole

[Singing Wren] Singing Wren

[Dancing Chipmunk] Chipmunk Dancing on Magic Mushroom

[Cactus Wren] Cactus Wren

[Sandpiper] Spotted Sandpiper

[GL Hammer] Gold Leaf Jeweler’s Hammer

[Gold Hill Sign] Town Sign: Gold Hill, Colorado

[Goldhill 1866] Cemetery Sign: Est. 1866, Gold Hill, CO

[Goldhill 1969] Cemetery Sign: Est. 1969, Gold Hill, CO

[Forever Pumpkins] Forever Pumpkins

[Lueb & Gnome] Lueb with his wee, wise friend.

[Lueb USA] Made in the USA